Teaching Courses


Where can I find more information about the Teacher and Aquatics Accreditation courses?

Please click here for a comprehensive overview of each of our courses, including units of competency, the course structure, prerequisites and the accreditation process.

Who do I contact if I have questions about a Teacher or Aquatics course?

Please ensure you have reviewed the course information online here.

If you then have any questions you may contact the ASCTA office on 07 5494 6255 and select the ‘Accreditation’ or ‘Courses’ extension.

When will I receive my course enrolment link?

Course enrolment links will be emailed to you within a week of registering on the ASCTACON website and finalising your payment.

Once enrolled you will gain access to the online theory components of the course which can be completed ahead of the workshop. Please allow approximately 30 hours to complete the online theory.

What if I don’t complete the online theory before the face-to-face workshop?

While we encourage you to complete the online theory to assist you transition into the practical workshop, this is not mandatory. You have 12 months to complete all components of the course and submit to us for processing and accreditation.

Do I need to hold an existing qualification to enroll into a Teacher or Aquatics course?

Courses without prior qualification requirements:

Courses with prior qualification requirements:

           Option 1: First Aid + Swim Australia Teacher Accreditation + Swim Australia Teacher of Babies & Toddlers Accreditation (OR) 

           Option 2: First Aid + Pool Lifeguard Qualifications

           Option 1: Swim Australia™ Teacher (or equivilent)

           Option 2: Swim Australia™ Teacher of Competitive Swimming qualifications (or equivilent)